Friday, November 2, 2012

Surprise!!! ^_^

I was surprised by a sms (texting) from the number that I don’t save the name contact. And then, I read the messege and surprised. “Mbak, ini ada paket utk anda di counter JNE 38 Jln. Gatak, Rukeman, Timur Indomaret, selatan UMY. Silahkan diambil, tadi kurir sudah coba cari rmh anda tp ga ketemu. Mksh.” That’s the content of message. Yap, I realize my home is not easy to find, so hard to reach. :D And I went to the JNE office there. I took the package. It’s from my lovely friend, mb Fifil... Oh, idk why was she sending the package to me. When I touched that package, it maked me so “grogi” to hold it. Don’t realize deh! Anw, thank you mb ku for the beautiful bag. :D I like it so much. But I am still confusing “why she send me this .” Once again, thank you mb... :D

The package veiwing
Cool bag :*
I always like a surprise, actually good surprise tho... When I was at third class of senior high school, my mentor bu Mimi Hidayah often gave us *mentoring members* suprises. In every single mentoring time, she made a surprise that would be different from meeting before. From making us seaweed, nice knowledge, new game, invited us for eating until the day we wanted to separate, she gave us a precious orange pen. :D Yeay!!!

Orange pen!
Another surprise from my beloved sister, Ainun. She always knows what I like. Formerly, she often send me packages and it was so touching me until now when I am looking at the something she gave. From some color papers, pen, pencil, case *multi-functions*, and many more. And don’t forget, she has gave me anything that there is monkey. Oh sweet, you always can making me smile and falling my tears for nice reason. :D

Lovely monkey :*
There was a surprise else when I could answering one question from committee in a contest. Just like both of my friends Srok and Aming. They got the gift too when they could answering  the question while in Scalenus Event. Yeay!!! It was so impressive!

Book that I got
Moa: pink dress. Aming: violet-box dress. Srok: white dress.
And also many more gifts that make me so surprise :D


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    1. Hahaha,,, Iya bunda... Ternyata itu hadiah ulang tahun Cici kmrin. Dia sdh *katanya* coz smpe ke tangan Cici g tpt waktu. :D But I do thank for all she has done. :*

  2. iehiehiheie keren hadiahnya, Kakak yang sayang sama adiknya. Ainun memang top 2012