Monday, October 29, 2012

'Idul Adha 1433H

Allahu akbar... Allahu akbar... Allahu akbar... The air was filled by takbir and tahlil words. So, it was reffering to 'ied mubarok time. Oh God, it so fast the time is gone. From minute to minute. From hour to hour. From day to day. From week to week. From month to month. From year to another year. From 'ied to new 'ied again. :D Me, as Your created at this time always leaves any-memorized that can't accidentally forgotten by my mind. There is new story in every-single-'ied. As we (ummah) know, this is our time to mirror ourselves being a good personal even better than before. 'Ied always makes some new story telling and those all have been my new experience. Hm, just close our eyes and feel what have we done in the past time is the best moment to come new day ('ied day). Remember who has created us is the nicest time to reflect ourselves. May Allah blesses us. :D

This is some pics that I took from my 'ied adha 1433H. Enjoy my beauty face yak! Hehehe...

Against the sunrise :D before did 'ied prayer
This is appearance when some people was still arrived (to my lovely campus)
After prayer and ate lontong, I went to the Prangtritis beach with both of my junior
Yeah, those are both of them
Moa uses new clothes looooo... It's banana's color #hahay
I love walking on the beach's edge
One two three, I love this kind of pic... (so natural)
I can't give a comment but there is something advice there. God or bad, idk...
This one, too.. I love them. Together in love :D
Miss my beloved family so bad... :')


  1. Waktu iedul adha di sini hujan sepanjang hari. Jadi banyak yg pemotongan kurbannya ditunda ke H+1

    1. Iya kah mas Rian? Denger2 emg ada bbrpa t4 yg wktu hr H hujan lebat di t4 nya... Alhmd disini cerah bgt... :D

  2. Kunjungan perdana :) sambil baca2
    visit n koment back y dblogq :)

    klo boleh skalian follow blogq y nnti ak folback.

  3. jadi pingin kepantai, udah lama sekali gak ke pantai

    1. Hehehe... Ayo bunda, kepantai. Tp disini pantainya kurang cantik bun. Agak kotor, jd agak sedih...