Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear God... ^_^

For my Lord of the world. I know you always knows what I do, even my feeling. In my success, ofcourse You has organized that for me. in my failure, again ofcourse You has examined me for my sweetest life later. Maybe I don't have any-cute-words to share to You, but I always believe that You always hear my voice from the bottom of my heart.  I always beliave that You always knows what happen in my breath. I am proud to be me. This is because of You. You has made me as perfect human.

I can think coz the easy of Yours. I can walk in my path, this b'coz Your permission altought sometimes other people can run fast. I can read my lovely novel colections coz the eyes that You has given. I can hear the music and my lecturer's explanation because of Your super-power. I can smell my aromatic parfume, again coz Your reins. You always control me like there is no one can do that to me. You always care about me, You help me to solve anyproblem that I have. You are always ready being my conselor, yeah conselor, just for giving the directions for my complaints.

For You up there. My lovely God. Sometimes, it's hard to understand what You really want to happen. But I believe there is a miracle behind the secret that You have made. And I trust You as my partner and as my protector in tight-times also in roomy-times, You'll give the best for me while at the past. :D

I miss You, God...

I miss my Allah...

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