Saturday, May 12, 2012


Crying is,
A reaction of sadness
A mediator of happiness
An action that we almost-often do it
A word that can be a trasmitter what the people is feeling

Crying is the best medicine
Crying is a magic
Crying is so useful
Crying is a friend that I can't leave

By crying,
All of the rebounding can be fallen
All of the furying can be calmed
All of the passiveness can become a love
All of the tight can be wide

With crying,
Remind me when I was a child
Remind me by my lovely people, my family
Remind me when I was falling 
Remnid me when I was glory

So crying,
Splashing the barren's heart
Closing me to the God

And crying,
Making me to thanks about having her

When I was crying,
She always can make me to take my big smile

After crying,
Increasing my yearning to her

Thanks a lot for what you have done
You are easy to make me crying and smiling
That's mean so much fo me