Thursday, January 19, 2012

J.CO Time

I had a nice night tonight. Can you guess "why???" Because I was walking with my father tonight. How odd!!! Yah, I think it was amazing journey (hahaha, alay). I had not walked with my father, just both of us yet. You know, my father is so cool and ja-im. So, I was so excited when he wanted to walk with me.

I did not know will going where, so did not my father. I was so confused, because my father do not like accompanying for shopping, even shopping itself. Because of my father was so cool, he was seldom talking to. He was just be quiete and looked at his phone.

Finnally, I offered him to take a sitting at J.CO and obviously he wanted too. Waaaa... That was so suprised me. He ordered "capucino avocado" and I ordered "green tea freeze". I added 3 donuts for me, myself. Hahaha... And I brought 2 donuts to my dorm. Ofcourse yes, it is so impossible to eat up many donuts and drinking all at once.

Yah, that is all. Long journey with so little conversation but it was so nice... Thank you father... I know you are dazed with me. Hehehe ^_^

My father was so tired when we was at J.CO and his eyes was so red. Hehehe, I think he need some rest for getting a fit body tomorrow. Because he will have a long journey. Coming home in Bengkulu. Thank you so much and have a nice day, ayah... Tomorrow are gonna be great!!!


  1. Was it last night? How nice... :)

  2. wah bener2 bikin ngiler makanannya :D

  3. donatnya bikin ngiler tuh :D

    salam kenal ya....

  4. @lukisan bunga: memang. jangan lupa coba yang rasa green tea ya? dijamin, muuuuaaantap! (*promo :p)

  5. @lukisan bunga: mbak/mas, lukisan bunga nya bagus banget. lukisan yg pisah2 gitu salah satu tipe lukisan yang saya kagumi ditambah lagi gambar bunga. waaaah, terus berkarya ya... hehehehe