Thursday, January 26, 2012


3 photos of scene above, in Foster film are the beginning of this film. Yah, That is a mystery. I thought a nice mystery. A young man come to the zooey's home with a suitcase in his hand. His name is Eli. He gives something like a companion letter to zooey. He is so adorable, handsome, and so so so so so adult style's thinking. 

Look, at the picture above, you see? He is  so adult. Not like young mans/kids usually. He loves CNN TV's program, not the cartoon film. He likes watching to the news and read the thick books that discussed about the economic and bla bla bla (like adult reading)

And there is a man that make a mystery too called mr. Pots. He knows everything that happened to Zooey and Alec Family. And he lives at the park near from their home. One day, actually one night, mr. Pots and Alec make a conversation...

Alec: Tapi waktu sudah sulit mr. Pots
mr. Pots: Ada masalah? Kadang2 itu membantu kalo berbicara pada orang asing. Kau tau?
Alec: Seharusnya aku tidak berada di jalan ini
mr. Pots: Apakah anda orang beragama, pak?
Alec: Itu dulu. Tapi sekarang tidak lagi
mr. Pots: Kenapa tidak?
Alec: Bagaimana aku bisa menjadi, bagaimana aku bisa percaya Tuhan yang telah menghancurkan hidupnya (anak Alec)
mr. Pots: Mungkin itu semacam ujian?
Alec: Itu adalah ujian yang sangat kejam
mr. Pots: Tapi itu sangat berharga, itu yang aku tau. 

And mr. Pots said that:
We are being a human, some reasons we find it is hard to make are passed. I am not saying there is not place for memorize. But I am saying is, you can not leave today in past. Because, then your future look the same like you have done yesterday. You can not refuse that either because, then today will pass by. The only one to be trully happy is te connection with thw present and connectt with a bad thing.

(Sorry if my english is bad, coz i just hear the conversation n write it down. Hope you understand.)

And one day he is gone. There is no one know his place now. Maybe he is going to the other home, hmmm broken home that need a child to care for.

Before the day he is gone before he'll sleep, he ask to zooey:
Eli: Do you believe?
Zooey: In what?
Eli: An angel?
Zooey: I do not thinking more about it. Why?
Eli: It is nice to know who has protect us and take care of us
Zooey: (She is just quite and agazing)

So, let's watch the movie. Soooo GREAT!!!! :)

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