Monday, December 12, 2011

Inner Beauty

I read this sentences when I was on my way going home. "Beauty starts from healthy skin." Yah, I think you already know where was it: a saloon. Is this right? I don't get it at all.

Ya, I agree it's half true, but beauty coming from the inside wins. Outside beauty is useless of you don't have good personality. So, the real beauty is the inner beauty.

And what do you think?

No need to spend much money to "beautify" yourself. Inner beauty is reached through learning and life-lesson. No need to spend much times to appear more beautiful on the outside, then. No need to spend much times to be more interesting. Physical appearance only changes a little of ourselves, plus, they fade away when you get old.

Am I right or...
Am I right? :b


  1. yeah, u'r right sis :P

  2. hm... But we sometimes forget to learn more deep. And a little difficult to do that.