Monday, October 10, 2011

Semangat \\^_^//

Today morning, I rode my bicycle to my campus, coz campus is so near from my boarding house. Although I always ride my motorcycle to my class. Hahaha... Hm, I went around and after a while, I stopped and chose to sit somewhere in front of sportorium (it's like aula or big place for meeting/party/similar occasion). And I sat at the edge of fish-pool, read my book preparing for  tomorrow's examination and next days after.

Hm, I am so confused what to write on my blog. Honestly, I just wanna write. Whatever and event hough there is no one who read my blog. I just feel happy and motivated when I write. Ya, maybe there's nothing important, “yang penting happy... :)” So, cheer up momo!!! Hahaha...

Oya, I took some pictures when I was in campus. And I felt "warm feeling" this morning coz I saw "sunrise". Oya, do you know that when we 'berjemur' at sunrise, sunrise/sun-light can change provitamin D to vitamin D? It's really good for skin.

Just check out some pictures I captured... ^_^


  1. seru nya inuuuuu.kek tempat belajar dlm khayalan2 da2.hehehhe

  2. hehehe. seru? hm,,, nggak juga kok. kalo lagi mood, pasti semuanya terasa indah. :D

    aku pun senang banget kalo waktu sepedaan trus berenti, foto2, baca2, dll... hahahaha.