Sunday, June 19, 2011

"In The Beach"

What do you do when you are in the beach?

I and my sister was going to the unnamed beach to enjoy the wind, take some picture, eat snack, run-run, and the most important is to see the amazing created of God.

We very want to see sunset at that time... So, this is the picture from my nokia c6...


  1. You did a really pretty job putting those photos together in a frame...

    I got the feeling again when we were at the beach :b

    Let's do that next time...

  2. ini dimana cing??
    asik banget kayaknya

  3. kak inun: thanks kakak 4 your teaching 2 me. i will miss u for learn more about taking a picture...

    aming: hm... apa ya ming, nama pantainya? aku juga g tau. kita buat aja yuk? namanya "pantai tanpa nama"... wkwkwkwk