Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Do you know, what is the bucketlist? I guess, we have know about it although just a little. Jhon Lennon said that “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”.

Bucketlist is what do you plan and do the planning before you die. So must make it real for the rest of  your life. Bucketlist is where you go to keep track for all of your planning. Bucketlist is a social network, a warehouse of unique stories, and a way to get your goal easily.

For example: you can write the planning into a sheet of paper or in your personal computer or your laptop and then you keep it forever you are. Don’t forget to make it become a reality. You must keep them (planning) and do it during your life.

This is like a goal and dream. But we make it compiled, so that you can get it early and easily. After you do that planning, just make a story -how can you get it or what your adventure when you make it a reality- or take your photos.

Example for bucket list: climb a volcano, have  two cars, have iPhone and iPad, perfect your tea recipe, have 4 libraries in 4 towns, take a picture with your favorite guy or your fans, etc. Basicaly, the bucket list is something that can challenge our physical and our mental. The bucketlist can take you to be a success person -hahahaha-, like a winner.

Hm... I have ever read in site -bucketlist-, they wrote that, use bucketlist to jot down yaou life’s ambitions, then tell the stiry once they have been accomplished. Can you do that in any old text file on your desktop? Sure, but bucketlist is more than just a glorified notepad. It’s a place when you can share your goals and find inspiration in the accomplishments of others.

Come on, make your bucket list... and make it become a truely...


  1. I am on my way making my Bucket List :)

    @ fifil: apanya yang cantik fil?

  2. kakak: ya??? it's so good. me too in the way... just thinking for test our chalange...

    fifil: what is the beautiful one? i didnt get it...