Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banana’s Baked

Hm... Yesterday, I really wanted to eat some food  that make from banana. And then, after woke up and cleaned the room, I and my sista went to the supermarket, ya... Reasonable not too far from my board/dorm, just need 10 minutes to arrive there. I was just thinking about delicious banana. And we decided to make banana’s baked (so, not some food from banana but just one food, coz we had no idea).

I wanna explain how to make banana’s baked ala m02g30...

Banana (size and what’s banana depens on taste)
Chocolate (just take mises)
Thick of milk

How to make it? It’s just a very simple cooking. As you know, we are “anak kost”. Hehehe...

First, prepare the banana or some of banana and strip the bark.

And then, cut one banana into two pieces and spread them with margarine.

After that, make sure the teflon have been warm on the stove and put down banana into teflon until rather brown color.

And the last, put the banana into a plate and give milk and chocolate in the middle of cutting banana that is hot and close the piece banana with the other piece.


  1. I see u've made an improvement about your english and pictures... and by the way, nice recipe :)

  2. hm... thanks kakak... i made it coz i wanna study and study for a long time again. i hope this is can usefull for everyone else.

    oya, this recipe.... we make together.... i like it...