Saturday, April 2, 2011

Unpredictable Game

Once upon a time, in a far far away village. There is a couple of old man and ald woman named Ndut and Ndek. They live happily in a small house and they have one game. They play it everytime and everywhere. This is a very simple game. Can you guess what’s the game? ... it’s called “SHMILY”. Just like hide-and-seek game. They write “shmily” anywhere they want, of course in unpredictable spaces, like on their bathroom door, even on the frying pan’s bottom. They have been playing the game since the first of their marriage.

Once Ndut (old man) writes “shmily” on the mirror, when Ndek (old woman) finds it, she will smile and suddenly feels happy. They keep doing this game for years and years until one day, Ndek (old woman) passed away. She leaves Ndut (old man) alone. Before Ndek’s body is burried, Ndut writes “shmily” at her coffin. He writes his last “smily” for his wife and says “I will always love you”. Anyone knows why “shmily” is so important in this story? Anybody?...

Because “shmily” stands for “see how much I love you”. Yes!!! The word that keep them together for their whole life. 

I just wanna tell that there is undying love that the time can’t change. Like the old man’s love to his wife. It’s a simple love but it lasted a life time. I think we have someone or some people like our family, father, mother, brother, sister, etc who can give us support and love in our life. So, just keep that love although it is just a very simple love... 

Source: unknown
Translated by: my lovely sister


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